Our bank of road run routes are stored on RideWithGPS. We recommend you download the free RideWithGPS app to view our routes in detail on your smartphone. You can also export the TCX route file and upload it to your GPS watch if it is advanced enough!

Groups and paces

Groups will be formed for group runs based on attendance and leader availability. Groups may be combined. Pay attention to meeting points!!
Official club sessions are Tuesday and Thursday, other activities are suggestions.

Suggested group paces:
Group 1: 12-14 min/mile
Group 2: 11-12 min/mile
Group 3: 10-11 min/mile
Group 4: 9-10 min/mile
Group 5: 8-9 min/mile
Group 6: 7-8 min/mile

Hi-viz and bright colours required for winter months, torches recommended.