Coaches & Assistants

Eastbourne Rovers has a wide range of coaches who volunteer their time to help you achieve your goals. Our coaches, leaders and assistants all hold at least one England Athletics coaching qualification and they are DBS checked.

Sue Keen
Coaching co-ordinator
Level 4 Performance Coach Speed Level 3 Combined events
Level 2 Jumps
I.I.S.T Sports Massage
Pete Standen
Level 3 Performance Coach – Endurance
Chris Voice
Level 3 Performance Coach – Endurance S.A.Q Skills
Brian Slaughter
Level 3 Development Coach Combined Events – Throws, Hurdles, Jumps, Sprint
Level 4 Combined Events
Competition Preparation Advisor
Jenny Brown
Level 2 Club Coach – Endurance Children in Athletics
Hannah Messer
Level 1 Coaching Assistant
Dan Sheppard
Level 2 CLUB Coach – Speed UKSC Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level 7 Health & Exercise Physiologist – BSC Sport & Exercise Science
Liz Brandon
Level 2 Club Coach – Throws
Phil Wood
Coach in Running Fitness L2
Leader in Running Fitness
Stuart Pelling
Level 2 Club Coach – Speed
Mike Thompson
Club Chairman
Level 2 Club Coach – Speed Leader in Running Fitness
Sue Fry
Level 1 Coaching Assistant
Shania Martlew
Level 1 Coaching Assistant
Bryn Smith
Level 1 Coaching Assistant
Bailey Wright
Level 1 Coaching Assistant
Dylan Brudenell
Level 1 Coaching Assistant
Graham Shires
Lead coach U11s
Level 1 Coaching Assistant

The diagram below shows how our coaches fit into the various levels of qualification for Track & Field and Off Track (Road) pathways.

Interested in coaching?

If you’re interested in becoming a coach, leader, or assistant, take a look at the Coaching section on the England Athletics website, and fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page selecting “Coaching” as the subject, or speak to our Coaching Coordinator, Sue Keen.